Who is the strongest Zoldyck? [Solved] (2022)

Who is the strongest Zoldyck member?

1. Alluka Zoldyck. Alluka is the second youngest child of Silva Zoldyck and is arguably the strongest member of the Zoldyck family. Even though she doesn't know how to fight, her terrifying power comes from an entity inside her, which Killua calls Nanika.... read more ›

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Who is the strongest Zoldyck Butler?

One of the Butler's of the Zoldyck family, Gotoh was surprisingly strong when he finally revealed his true strength in his fight against Hisoka. Although he lost, Gotoh was, in no way, a weakling. His skills with Nen were more than decent and he also managed to corner Hisoka to a certain degree.... see more ›

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Is Silva the strongest Zoldyck?

5 Weaker: Killua Zoldyck

His father, Silva Zoldyck, is several times stronger than him.... continue reading ›

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Who is stronger Zeno or Silva Zoldyck?

Silva is one of the strongest Nen users in the world from Gin's generation. Chrollo, Hisoka and Illumi are around the same bracket of power and the same Generation, Zeno is as well (power wise). Silva is obviously stronger than Illumi and Zeno so it wouldn't make sense for Silva to be in the same bracket as them.... see more ›

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Why does Killua's mom wear a mask?

Her whole face is covered in complete bandages due to Killua's rebellious attack. She has an electronic visor covering her two eyes.... continue reading ›

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Who is the youngest Zoldyck?

Kalluto Zoldyck (カルト゠ゾルディック, Karuto Zorudikku) is the youngest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck.... view details ›

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Is Killua or Gon stronger?

It has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. With enough training, he developed a power known as Godspeed, which let him fight against one of Meruem's Royal Guards momentarily.... see more ›

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Is Alluka Zoldyck a guy?

Alluka is a girl; even though, rest of her family refer to her with male pronouns (Illumi and Milluki refer to Alluka as their "brother.") Killua refers to Alluka with feminine pronouns and calls her his sister.... continue reading ›

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Is Killua's father good?

Type of Villain

Silva Zoldyck (in Japanese: シルバ=ゾルディック, Shiruba Zorudikku) is currently the head of the Zoldyck Family, Killua's father, and an anti-villainous antagonist in Hunter x Hunter.... see details ›

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Can Silva beat Chrollo?

Silva Zoldyck is the current leader of the Zoldyck family and not to be underestimated. He's very powerful, as he's proven in the past when he fought against Chrollo and even the Chimera Ants.... continue reading ›

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Is Feitan a Zoldyck?

Kalluto themselves were actually baffled that out of the entire troupe it was feitan (who is a transmuter much like killua) who outclassed the youngest zoldyck. It's also interesting that kalluto is a weapons specialist like feitan, who uses his sword.... see more ›

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Who is stronger Illumi or Hisoka?

It kind of depends on the area too, Hisoka would most likely kill Illumi in a one on one but if they were in a city with lots of pawns for Illumi to use then he will have the advantage.... continue reading ›

Who is the strongest Zoldyck? [Solved] (2022)

Is Silva Zoldyck stronger than Hisoka?

Silva, Chrollo's normal strength is planning and strategy as we saw when he fought Hisoka, but Silva's outright strength as well as skill allows him to swiftly obliterate nearly anyone.... see more ›

Why did Illumi plant in Killua's head?

He and his father raised Killua to believe that the only thing sustaining him was darkness and that he could only obtain joy in causing the death of others. As a means of protecting his little brother, Illumi implanted a needle in Killua's brain, forcing the latter to run from battles he wasn't sure he could win.... see details ›

How old is Illumi?

10 Illumi Zoldyck — 24

The eldest son of the Zoldyck family, Illumi, is 24 years old when he appears at the end of the first arc, revealing that he had been disguised as the Hunter examinee known as Gittarackur the whole time.... read more ›

Who is Killua crush?

When applied to Killua, Hisoka naturally comes to the conclusion that no matter the outcome, Gon would always be the one dying with Killua, because he's spent so much time with him, and because he's the one that Killua loves the most.... see more ›

How did Killua betray Gon?

1 He Stalks Gon On His Date

This act of betrayal of Gon's trust, since Gon doesn't know that Killua is following him and Palm, is creepy and also puts his friend in real danger of being hurt if he's caught.... continue reading ›

Who is Killua's wife?

My Rating
Name (English)Kikyo Zoldyck
Name (Japanese)キキョウ=ゾルディック, Kikyō Zorudikku
12 more rows

Who is stronger Hisoka or Illumi?

After he fought with Chrollo, he said he wouldn't let his guard down anymore or give his enemy time to prepare or let them chose where to fight. So Hisoka is now not only much stronger than before because (Spoiler) but also he will gank people without warning so no amount of preparation will work.... read more ›

Who is stronger Gon or Killua?

It has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. With enough training, he developed a power known as Godspeed, which let him fight against one of Meruem's Royal Guards momentarily.... see details ›

Will Killua be the strongest Zoldyck?

Although Illumi is stronger than Killua at the moment, come the end, Killua is likely to surpass him and become the strongest member of the Zoldyck family by far.... see more ›

Who are the top 5 hunters in HXH?

The most powerful Hunters in the anime Hunter X Hunter are those who can wield and control Nen better than anyone else.
Hunter X Hunter: 10 Most Powerful Hunters, Ranked
  1. 1 Isaac Netero.
  2. 2 Biscuit Krueger. ...
  3. 3 Ging Freecss. ...
  4. 4 Hisoka Morow. ...
  5. 5 Cheadle Yorkshire. ...
  6. 6 Gon Freecss. ...
  7. 7 Killua Zoldyck. ...
  8. 8 Morel Mackernasey. ...
Aug 15, 2021

Who can defeat Chrollo?

12 Can Defeat Chrollo: Menthuthuyoupi Is The Strongest Of The Royal Guard. Menthuthuyoupi's Nen is incalculable, presumably surpassing even Chairman Netero's overwhelming aura.... see more ›

Can Killua beat Hisoka?

Hisoka's aura is known to have the properties of both rubber and gum, hence the name Bungee Gum. That, when combined with several other of his skills, makes him an elite fighter. Killua, even in his Godspeed mode, will certainly not be able to defeat Hisoka.... read more ›

Can Bisky defeat Hisoka?

Hisoka cannot defeat Bisky, his hatsu isn't offensive and bisky raw power is largely more powerful than hisoka's one, also Bisky is a master in each category of nen, She is a master of Gyo, ren, ken, shu, Ryu.. Regardless of Bisky's strength, if one of Hisoka's cards finds its way to her throat, she his history.... see details ›

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