What is a common Dutch greeting? (2023)

What is a common Dutch greeting?

When meeting someone in a casual setting, it is common for people to say “Hoi” ('Hi') or “Hoe gaat het?” ('How are you? ') Meanwhile in formal settings, the most common greeting is “Hoe gaat het met u?” ('How are you? ').

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What are common Dutch phrases?

Basic Dutch Phrases
Good MorningGoedemorgenkhoo-duh-mawr-ghuh
You're welcome (don't mention it)Graag gedaankhrahkh khuh-dahn
I'm sorry / Excuse meSorrysaw-ree
Pardon me (didn't understand)Pardon, wat zei u?pahr-dohn, vat zay ew
Yes / NoJa / Neeyah / nay
49 more rows

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What is not a common Dutch greeting?

The Dutch goedenacht is not often used to greet someone, but rather when saying goodbye to someone in the (late) evening. It's typically used to say 'sleep well' or 'sleep tight' to someone.

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Is there a Dutch word for please?

How to Say Please in Dutch. To be brief, alstublieft (AHL-stu-BLEEFT) is the all-purpose equivalent of "please" in English. It can be used with any request, such as Een biertje, alstublieft ("One beer, please").

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How do you introduce yourself in Dutch?

There are two common ways to tell someone your name in Dutch: Ik heet … (“My name is …”) or Ik ben … (“I am …). The “My name is” option can be used just as well for formal settings as for informal settings.

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Why do the Dutch give 3 kisses?

The three air-kisses are used to greet someone and used again to say goodbye.

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What is Dank je wel?

thank you very much synonyms ▲ Synonyms: bedankt, dank je, dank u, dank u wel, thanks.

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What is the hardest Dutch word to say?

Meteorologisch (meteorological) is the most difficult Dutch word to pronounce, according to Dutch language experts. The Onze Taal language organisation used its Facebook page to draw up a list of the 10 most difficult Dutch words and encouraged people to vote.

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What is polite in Netherlands?

Basic Etiquette

Be punctual when you can and always give a fair warning of your tardiness if you anticipate delays. It is considered rude to keep people waiting. It is polite to cover your mouth when yawning. It is rude to speak whilst chewing gum.

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What is the Dutch word for sorry?

When you're sorry and you mean it, you would use a form of the verb “to be sorry,” or spitjen. To say “I'm sorry,” you would conjugate this as het spijt me. Here's how that sounds in a sentence: Sorry, het spijt me.

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Why do we say let's go Dutch?

To 'go Dutch' is a a contraction of 'In the Dutch fashion', meaning, 'To pay ones share'. Which seems to have been a natural response of traders from a small nation state being patronised by those of a larger neighbour.

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What is respect in Dutch?

hoogachting; respect; achting; eerbied; eerbiediging; waardering; bewondering; ontzag; ere; eerbiedigen; aanbidden; verheerlijking; verheffen; verering; ontzien.

What is a common Dutch greeting? (2023)
What do the Dutch say before drinking?

In case you meet some new drinking buddies in one of the city's cosy pubs, you might want to know how to toast in Dutch. Luckily it's fairly simple: Dutch men toast by clinking their glasses or bottles and saying proost (health).

What do the Dutch say when you sneeze?

Dutch. As in many other languages, the first time you sneeze the Dutch wish you “health” (gezondheid). But my personal favorite response comes after the third time you sneeze: morgen mooi weer, which translates to “good weather tomorrow.” That escalated quickly.

How do you address a Dutch person?

The salutation
  1. Geachte heer (achternaam), => Dear Mr (Surname),
  2. Geachte mevrouw (achternaam), => Dear Ms (Surname),

Do Dutch people say oi?

But it is quite an easy one: it is a combination of o and i, glide: oi! It sounds just like the English oi, as for example in oil. You will find it mostly in foreign words in Dutch, for example toilet or voiceover. Even if it is so rare, it is not bad to know!

What is lol in Dutch?

In Dutch, lol is a word (not an acronym) which, coincidentally, means "fun" ("lollig" means "funny")

What is a Dutch woman called?

/ ˈdʌtʃˌwʊm ən / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun, plural Dutch·wom·en. a female native or inhabitant of the Netherlands; a woman of Dutch ancestry.

What does Cava mean in Dutch?

1. " Spanish sparkling wine" cava {de} (Spaanse wijn met bubbels)

How do u say what's your name in Dutch?

"What's your name?" in Dutch

Hoe heet u?

What is BAE in Dutch?

At it turns out, our ignorance has served us well. The word "bae," which is usually used to describe someone who comes "before anyone else," has a very different meaning in Danish. It means poop.

How do you say hello in Amsterdam?

Hallo is the most common way to say hello in Dutch. You can use it in the same situations as you would use hello in English.

What is dark Dutch?

Black Dutch (plural Black Dutch) (US, obsolete or historical) A European with dark hair, eyes, and skin, especially one from or claiming to be from Germany or the Netherlands, sometimes (derogatory, ethnic slur) with disparaging racist overtones.

How do you say hello and goodbye in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, it's fairly common to say “bye” with a casual Doei!. If you're familiar with Dutch greetings, then this one should already be in your vocabulary: dag. You can also use dag (literally “day”) to say “hi” and “bye.”

What is a Peter Pan kiss?

Edit. The "Hidden Kiss" - What is it? This is a metaphor mentioned briefly in J.M. Barrie's original book. It seems to have a double-meaning: (1) It is the first sign of a girl's emerging womanhood, and (2) it refers to a woman's finding her true love ("Tis a powerful thing", as both Slightly and Tootles point out).

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